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 Thank you for choosing Tree Strength© (As Strong As A Tree) I would like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Kimberly Dunn-Williams and I am the founder of Tree Strength Essential oils, candles and more. I came up with my name for my company 2 years ago. I have been making oils for the past 10 years. I decided to make my own oils when I did research on different types of cosmetics and different recipes that contained local trees and plants that can grow right in your own backyard. For me I thought this was great since I Kimberly Dunn-Williams suffer from Celiac Disease I had to go 100% Organic and natural. Also I had to change the way I ate otherwise I had to suffer being sick. In 2013 one of my best friends introduced me to the SWF Garden club. I was very interested in knowing what they did. My very first meeting I attended I was pleased with learning new ways of growing my own plants, flowers and trees. Discovering a whole new way of living and having a healthier life style, was the best thing that could had ever happened to me. Over the years I have researched and studied Horticulture. Also with my background of Bio Chemistry and family taught, I was able to grow and make my own oils naturally from steam and distilled water. Since I have grown my own herbs, vegetables and fruit I know what is going in my body or on my skin. My plants and trees are grown with 100% organic soil and natural compose to give you oils that smell absolutely amazing. Thank you again for coming to TreeStrength.com I hope you are very pleased with our oils and products we have to offer.




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